Purpose vs Pay Cheque

“When you put your efforts into your gift, you are giving God something to bless.” 

Steve Harvey, Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success

In October 2012, Steve Harvey tweeted: “Your career is what you’re paid for. Your calling is what you’re made for”. This man breathed life into me with 72-characters. Now, almost 10 years later, I find myself at another pivotal point in my life and again Steve Harvey seems to be at the centre of it all.

Again, I’ve found myself asking myself if what I’m being paid for is what I was truly made for? Am I living out my purpose. These questions came up soon after starting to read Steve Harvey’s motivational book, “Act like a success, Think like a success”. Only a few chapters in and I can’t seem to put it down, but I’m also not trying to finish it too soon. Like many rags to riches stories, Steve’s rise to fame is quite compelling. But, what has me turning the pages is the familiarity I feel to the barriers that held him back in the first place:

  1. Excuses;
  2. Procrastination;
  3. Lack of self-confidence;
  4. Fear of failure; and lastly
  5. Not being able to think beyond my pay cheque.

Reflecting on what’s held me back in the past

I think back to when I was nine-years-old, watching presenter auditions for YoTV, a South African children’s programme. I remember thinking, “I would love to go and try myself out.” However, I never did.

Not because I didn’t think I could do it but because I was scared of stumbling in front of the camera and potentially giving my peers a reason to laugh at me when I got back to school. It wasn’t just the fear of failing per se, but rather the fear of failing with everyone watching. It’s a scary feeling.

But with my dirty thirties right around the corner, what’s become more scary is the thought of getting to the end of my life and never having fulfilled my ultimate purpose.

Unlike some people, I know what my purpose is. From the moment I discovered what my gift was, it’s always been clear to me what exactly I need to do with it. And, just to be clear, it’s not to be a YoTV presenter.

What is holding me back now?

Yep, Steve said it: excuses, procrastination, lack of confidence and the fear of failing… with everyone watching. So what now?

Now I know I only have two choices. I have to either take the first step in realising my ultimate goal, accept that I will fall, not once but a lot, and that people will be watching when I do. Or else, stand back and watch as someone else lives the life that was meant for me.

Time to stop hiding and go after what I was made for

I first wrote this blog as I prepared to move from a B2C role into a B2B role at The Entertainer in 2017. Now, four years later, I reflect on what’s held me back from launching my own personal projects and it would seem nothing’s really changed – still the same old excuses. However, I do refuse to let 2021 end without at least putting my dreams into the first gear. Reviving my blog is my first attempt at doing what I love outside of what I do. And, I don’t think there’s a better accountability partner than the 10 loyal readers who will come to expect a post from me once a week is there.

Some may ask if becoming blogger is what I believe my purpose to be and the truth is that I don’t think it’s a simple as that but I do believe that this blog will be a vehicle for my purpose.

See this post as a call for you to also get out of the shadows and risk failing, risk failing with everyone watching and risk no one getting what you’re trying to do until they all buy in. Risk’a ntwana.

Here’s some inspiration

In his book, Steve Harvey speaks about taking off the lid, accepting that you are not defined by your pay cheque. Accepting this, is the only way to discover what you were made for.

There are five quotes from the book I thought I’d share. And, if like me, you keep putting your life on-hold then perhaps these words will prompt you to press that reset button and help you “take off the lid”: 

  • “You have to learn to convince yourself that the possibility is greater than the inevitability of doing nothing.”
  • “We become our own opposition when we accept the following: procrastinating, lying to ourselves, comparing ourselves to others, and having self-doubts—in short, anything that gets in the way of our becoming who we were created to be.”
  • “So many people are missing their way in life because they are afraid to sign the lease on their gift.”
  • “But far too often when we face the failure of a business venture, we let that failure paralyze us from trying again. The failure could stem from a lack of financial planning, a lack of resources, or the lack of the right team members. But you have to realize that failure is part of the process when you are on the road to success. The only way to get back on track is to come up with another plan. I’ve failed more times than I can count. But you can’t let the failure freeze you in place and stop you from pursuing your dreams.”
  • “Procrastinators will weigh you down. Action is the prescription for moving forward. Action will eliminate boredom. Procrastinators are waiting, and they often create more excuses to continue waiting: It isn’t the right time; I’m going to wait until it’s sunny outside; I got up late; I called them and they didn’t pick up the phone; they didn’t reply to my email. Procrastinators are going nowhere. Do not let them impede your journey to success.”

2 thoughts on “Purpose vs Pay Cheque

  1. Risk’a Ntwana

    What jump at me is “ failure being a part of success” even failure when everyone is looking. In order to succeed, progress and grow failure is necessary… (This is how my mind took in that statement). We must beat procrastination with Action… so we should be bo Papa Action le bo Mama Action.

    It’s was an awesome lift, totally needed.


  2. I loved this book and love “Jump” even more. Steve Harvey always shares such inspiring words in digestible amounts. I would love to be able to say very clearly what my purpose is. I regularly feel like I’ve almost figured it out, but then something (probably my self-doubt) snatches me back to normalcy. I’m trusting it’ll be revealed to me when the time is right.


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